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Shady Valley TN

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Anyone ride "The Snake" Shady Valley, TN US421?
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For those that may have never heard of it. 421 The Snake - 33 Miles, 489 Curves, 3 Mountains, and 1 Valley

It is a nice ride, but unlike the tail of the dragon, you will deal with driveways and intersections along the route. This is really someone's attempt to capitalize on the success of 'the dragon', by pulling some tourist dollars their area.

There are hundreds of miles of beautiful roads in those mountains that most people never find. Where you can go 30 minutes before seeing another car.
Yep, I live in those mountains on US 421 and have been riding Shady Valley since I was 16 (over 25 years) as well as all the other awesome roads here. "The Dragon" is a great road as well, no doubt, it's also a great place to pick up a t shirt, stickers, and a speeding ticket just like all the other tourists there :righton:
What I find interesting is that we all know about the 'tourist' roads, the great roads the locals ride are a closely guarded secret. ;)
And you would be correct
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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