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Ok, just finished a few winter mods and feel the need to sahre!!!

New Stuff....
Micron High mount
Huge Undertail (modified for highmount use)
Shock racing LED signals
New relay to fix the "fast blink"
15 tooth front sprocket
Speedo Healer

"Old" Stuff....
Yanaha branded Crobin solo seat
MRA Vario adjustable wind screen
Sliders (These really work I battle tested them on my 03)
Scorpion alarm system
garage door opener
Stock mirror mod

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Martin64 said:
The rims are dirty :~
Ya, I realized that after I got it out of the garage into the light... I'll get right on it.... ;)
kelly said:
NICE JOB. I've always like the FZ-1's. My favourite bike except cost and insurance put it out of my price range back in 2001.
My insurance for full coverage with State Farm is $333 a year. This is up from $280 (ish) after I totalled the 03 version and they bought me a BRAND NEW ONE!!!

JonF said:
Looks good. Too much tread on the tires though. Go wear 'em out a little.
Ya ya... only 1500 miles post crash.... give me some time to recover.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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