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I plan on ordering the service manual for the 2000 ZR-7, but on buykawasaki.com they have the following listed:

99924-1248-01 Service Manual ZR750F1 $36.95
99924-1248-02 Service Manual ZR750F $49.95

Which one is better/more applicable/more informative? With the dual listing are they saying you need both for complete coverage of the bike? I also noticed parts diagrams are available over the net and realize the engine has 20 years of history. Do the manuals cover mostly the engine only while the parts diagrams are for the specific ZR-7 only or does the manual have stuff that is not available online? I'd like to get a relative idea just for knowing what I'm buying not to determine if I will. I know that sometimes when vehicles have roots that are 20 years back the manuals can leave out some of the modern parts of the newer bikes, even when supplements are added.

Case in point I have an 81 Lancia Beta that has electronic ignition. The service manual was last revised I believe in 77. The standard manual has an exploded diagram and description of rebuilding the distributor. This distributor has points. However it does me know good with my 81 electronic ignition distributor. I have the supplement specific to the 81 but has nothing close to an exploded diagram or description of the order in which the parts fit listed.

So I just was wondering if the ZR-7's manual would be like this, if I should expect a pretty model specific manual, or if it would be something in between.

Also, does anyone have a suggestion on a good syncronizer to sync the carbs with? Thanks. -Jamie

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Yeah Jamie, come on down and I'll sync the carbs for ya :) .

The part # for my manual is 99924-1248-01 and it covers the '99 (F1) with frame #'s that start with JKAZRDF1_XA000001 or JKAZR750FFA000001 and '00 (F2) models with frame #'s beginning with JKAZRDF1_YA011001 and it covers everything I've needed so far. Some of the info doesn't seem clear at first, but once you look at the book and then look at the bike, it's really clear. One instance is the section covering fuel tank removal. I was kinda freakin' out because there was no way to turn the fuel off and it said nothing about draining the tank either. But I just followed the steps as directed and everything worked out just like it should. No gas on the floor, no 5 alarm fire. It's a good book to have and very specific. I refer to it quite a bit for info here on the site.

I have a feeling the 2nd manual may be either a parts manual or it covers the S model.

And, really, if you can't find a carb sync closer than me, you're more than welcome to bring your bike and we'll hook it up in the garage. Just be sure to tell your family you won't be back for dinner that night. :laugh: :cool:
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