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Running hot or not

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2021 650 Ninja

So when I am on the highway it runs @ 88C at 120 km then run thorough town @ 30 - 50 k for about 3 km .

When I stop the bike in my driveway the temperature climbs to 104C in about 30 to 45 seconds then the fan comes on dropping it down to 98c, this is on a day when its only 16 degrees out.
Then when you shut it off sounds like the exhaust system is pinging from being hot.

I have changed the coolant & thermostat

Is this normal ? or are we running hot?
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I recently mounted a digital water temperature gauge on my '07 650R which comes stock with an idiot light only. Judging by my '07 and a number of other watercooled bikes I've owned, 104C at a light is normal and since your fan knocks the temperature back quickly you've nothing to worry about. If/when temps hit 110C or more you'd better check the coolant level and overflow tank to make sure you're not low. If you don't like the difference between running temp and the dramatic rise at a stop you could add a handlebar switch to proactively activate the fan.
I appreciate the reply, Thanks!
I am getting the general consensus it this is how hot they run,
Thanks again for the reply good to know this is just normal.
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