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ROTR8 - Stories/Observations/Pics

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I had to ad observations to the title because I don't have any stories or pictures to share at this instant. I will have pictures later though.

My observation is this....
What kind of person owns/rides the Ninja 650R??? :dunno: Cause that bike has been out for some time now (3 years??) and we have never had one show up for a ROTR - at least as far as I know.... Seems odd to me... Oh Well!

That's it. That's all I've got at the moment.

It is good to hear that everyone is back safely and also good to know that Stan and Jennar (sp?) had a good day. Now I have a case of the "what if's". Second guessing my choice to leave when I did... Oh well.... It was a good time just the same.
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Is this any better?
:killingme:killingme YES Gump!! Now that's what I'm talkin about. Glad to see you got your camera settings adjusted properly for the second download.. :bud:

At the end of the day Friday, there were only 7 left standing. Jon and the Craig clan headed home mid-day, and Serp and his 2 buddies left first thing in the morning. John on the Katana was out of commission for the day. This is what the field was down to Friday after the ride- Bikes are from L to R: CJs Z1K, Gump's ZR-7S, Jenner's FZ-1, Brandon's SV650S, Stan's F800S, my ZR-7S, and Rob's Z1K. By the way, you can't really see it from here, but awesome paint job on the Z1K, CJ.
In this pic we have Berto, Tom B, Andrew, Vera, Ann, Kent, OA, and the rest of the group that usually show up.
Thanks, Jon! :silly:

This was the first time ever I cancelled a road trip due to bad weather. I was so much looking forward to trying out my new rain gear.
But it would have not been safe to leave a bad thunderstorm and high winds.
Next year I will be back again (hopefully).
Who the hell is this OA ? Someone taking over my name tag ? :sadpace:
It's alright man.....you're the "OG" OA....:killingme
A short story from ROTR8:

Wednesday afternoon the Craig clan (Craig, Craig Jr., and Danny (Craig's son-in-law)) and I are checking into the motel. The Craig clan was staying in one room and I was staying in another room.

Craig's group is right in front of me checking in. Three pretty big dudes standing there. OK, well two big dudes and Craig. So Craig says three will be staying in the room, and he is proceeding to sign whatever papers for the room. The guy behind the desk looks at all three and feels obligated to say "you're aware that there's only two beds in this room, right?"

Then an awkward silence that fell upon the lobby for a few short seconds as the lobby clerk and the Craigs looked at each other. Somewhat of a "are you guys *** or what" showdown if you will.

After an uncomfortable few seconds Craig gathers his brain together and tells the clerk that this guy (as he pats his son on the back) is his son and that everything is cool. Craig Jr. quickly confirms this by loud "yeah... yeah... that right, this is my dad" so everybody in the lobby and any people behind the desk in the office could hear him.

So everybody starts laughing and everything is cool. So it seemed. But then the guy behind the desk takes it to the next level with the "hey, I don't care what you all do, I was just telling you it was only two beds". And more dialogue ensued and more laughter.

He didn't believe them. I wouldn't either.

After they were done checking in and walking out the lobby door, Craig Jr. make some kind of smart a$$ remark about MY sleeping arrangements in a bad German accent, so I quickly turned and told the clerk that those guys weren't really related. He laughed uncomfortably again. He reiterated that he didn't care what people did in their own rooms and "not that there's anything wrong with that", quoting an old Seinfeld episode.

So there we have it. Maybe you had to be there. But funny stuff as far as I'm concerned.

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Looks like fun, guys. Sorry I couldn't make it this year.
I figured out how we missed our turn on the second day onto hwy88 (in case anyone cares at this point.) We were still in Tennessee when we passed hwy 67 which less than two miles later becomes hwy 88 in north Carolina. Probably on a paper map it didn't show cause its such a small stretch before becoming 88. Anyhoo.. just in case anyone was interested (I was bored and looked up where we went on google maps.)
Had a great time at ROTR. No pucker moments for me. In fact I am pretty impressed with myself at how steady my breathing and heart rate were on those roads. Well thats not true. The Katana guy was def up my pooper for a short while before I flagged him to pass me on Saturday. Can't say that was a bad decision because he almost took JR out by following too close behind him. Which would be a major factor why he crashed. He hit the brakes to avoid hitting JR instead of setting up for the next turn on the first switchback going down the mountain on 16.

Anyway, Def an absolute pleasure seeing some my old friends from last year and making a few new ones!

Here are some pics I don't think anyone else has posted yet. Such as the fabulous kiddie pool (cough) I mean high class fountain that was put together sometime on friday. Also is a few pics of the sunrise just outside of Wytheville Saturday morning. Def one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. My camera couldn't handle the bright sun in a few of them. I am sure that could be photoshoped out.
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few more
The Katana guy
My apologies for his riding (or lack thereof) abilities. We tried our best to coach him on how to handle these roads and where to position himself in the pack. But apparently our words fell upon deaf ears. Needless to say I wouldn't worry about him attending these rides in the future.
My apologies for his riding (or lack thereof) abilities. We tried our best to coach him on how to handle these roads and where to position himself in the pack. But apparently our words fell upon deaf ears. Needless to say I wouldn't worry about him attending these rides in the future.
No need to feel responsible. You can only do so much to help him. I told him to take it easy too. In hindsight I should have made him stop and tell him why I didn't want him behind me instead of just waving him on, but he is an adult and had a lot of opportunities to make proper spacing adjustments.

All and all it was a minor crash with no serious injuries. Which is all we could have hoped for in this situation.
I agree, if he had crashed on day 2, it would have been much worse...(because of increased speed) and we would have had to drive a lot longer to pick up the pieces... again prob. without any thanks.

What scares me most, is that he says "he could have gone a lot faster". Apparently not.

It's a pity he didn't learn anything. BTW, the bike is still at work... getting rained on right now.
Here's a vid while on my way to ROTR with Rusty.

US211 going up to Luray
Here's a video that Jenner shot, some of the most bada$$ scooters you'll ever hear. We saw these on Friday at the Snake.

211 is a good road and its a day ride from here. Too bad there are so many crashes on it and it is patrolled pretty heavily now.
Yeah I was there with a group when 2 went down. There is some nice riding just east of there, check out 647 out of Flint Hill (522 north from 211 for 5 miles is Flint Hill) also Hume Rd. and 688 in the same ares, they end up on US66.
Looks like it was a fun trip...always wanted to get up that way...just never have. Thanks for the great pics just beggin me to go next time!
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