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ROTR 2023

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I am looking forward to this years ROTR. Who's on board?
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I see some familiar faces and some new ones. Got names? Where from? Who's riding what these days?

I see the guy on the far right has his finger sticking out. Must have a booger on it or something???
Got home back in Florida around 5, it was a great day and a half in the mountains. Also was great I was able to keep up with the pack in the Miata! I had a blast cooking those tires.

Killboy got a couple of nice pics of me trying to chase down Rob on the Dragon before we got stuck behind a service truck. I’ll post them once they email me the full res copies.

Was great seeing some old and new faces, reminiscing on the ROTR glory days etc. As for new bikes I think it was just Kelly with his new Triumph Tiger. The other two guys were friends of Mikes from NY, both rode Harley Pan Americas and they certainly can ride the snot out of them.
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21 - 24 of 24 Posts