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ROTR 2016 - Planning Thread

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Ok, so for all of you guys still around, I'm thinking we should get the planning thread out there well in advance this year. I know in recent years we've kind of sat on things until the last minute. Hopefully this will allow us to plan more effectively and, in turn, get a better turn-out for the ride. So, with that being said, where should we go this year? It's been a few years now since heading back east, should we try for Hillsville / Wytheville again, or stick with the Maggie Valley area? What says you?

Dates of May 12-15 work for everyone? I know for some these dates are very far out, but others need a lot of advance notice to lock down vacation. Let's put those notices in.

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Hi, y'all. The Craig's will be there. And maybe a mama bear.
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