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ROTR 2016 - Planning Thread

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Ok, so for all of you guys still around, I'm thinking we should get the planning thread out there well in advance this year. I know in recent years we've kind of sat on things until the last minute. Hopefully this will allow us to plan more effectively and, in turn, get a better turn-out for the ride. So, with that being said, where should we go this year? It's been a few years now since heading back east, should we try for Hillsville / Wytheville again, or stick with the Maggie Valley area? What says you?

Dates of May 12-15 work for everyone? I know for some these dates are very far out, but others need a lot of advance notice to lock down vacation. Let's put those notices in.

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This would be the 15th year. That's pretty awesome. I hope to be there regardless of where or when. Its always a great time. It would be nice if more people showed up. Get to meet new people. The usual group of characters makes it a lot of fun.

Some people never seem to be able to make the ride in May. Possibly move it to June? If we start getting some interest here maybe we should set up poll to choose dates and location?
I would like to come for the first time... my third year on the forum. Even though I just picked up the Connie, I want to represent the ZR7. It's 11 hours one way to MV for me.

Post a poll is a good idea for the dates. The first week in May is bad.
Either location works for me and the date is good also. I believe the weekend you suggest is the weekend in between Mothers day and Memorial day which usually seems to be the weekend of the month. Count me in!
Ok I'll create a poll later and we can vote on a date. I can probably make most weekends in May or June this far out, just need to settle on one.
:cool:I vote for December
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:cool:I vote for December
You'd need a snow mobile :headbang:
I put two polls up, location and dates
Count me in for sure
Well, it looks like we have an answer...

May 12-15 in Maggie Valley, NC.

My status of attending is back up in the air, we had a surprise re-org last week. I was lucky enough to keep my position with the company, but I'm not sure how much extra work I'm going to be picking up. I should know in the next few weeks what the change means. Until then, I figure we should just plan on the Best Western again for simplicity? Any suggestions?
Sheesh this got an early start. Still ironing out details but I'm in for 12-15th of May in Maggie Valley, NC. Also, Best Western has treated us well so far!
I should be able to make it. Best Western has been good especially if we can have them save rooms for us in the back building with the hidden parking lot.
As long as I can get the vacation dates I'll be there.
I am on board. Looking forward.
...is there still a slower group? Thinking about trying to make the trip 2-up
Now that I'm a retired, old fart with failing vision, I'm sure there will be a slower group. :nerd:

I'm planning on making it this year. Thank you guys for keeping it going.
Now that I'm a retired, old fart with failing vision, I'm sure there will be a slower group. :nerd:

I'm planning on making it this year. Thank you guys for keeping it going.
Your far from the being the old guy. I got you beat by five years and Mike beats you by 10. We all ride at our own pace.

PS:Must be nice to retire at 55.
OK I'm in. Just got my OK for the week off. Unfortunately as usual I have to be at work Sunday so that means I'll likely leave for home mid-day Friday. And yes DJ, I'm still the slow group lol. You wouldn't be the first to run 2 up.
I was hoping to make it but it is pretty certain I'll be moving back to Alabama that week, if the pending sale of my Ohio house occurs as scheduled. Y'all have fun!
Hey guys.. long time no see :). I don't know that I can make it but I'll see what I can do. Haven't seen you guys in a while. Glad to see you are all still here.
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