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ROTR 20 2021

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I am hopeful we can do ROTR 20 this May. Any other optimists out there?
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I think we should. My BMW group is going late April and we have over 50 people going.
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Absolutely I'm in. I'm not looking forward to the large BMW group thing as much as getting together with you guys. Common Riders it's the 20th!

I'm also ready to tour/cruise with my new bike, a BMW K1600B Bagger (actually used 2018).
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No, of course not. The XR is for canyon carving with you guys.
Hey, bring your Harley and I'll bring my Bagger.
Mid May is fine with me. I'm game with all locations Andrew suggested.
Where was the first ROTR? It must have been great since it has lasted 20 years. Maybe that could be the location.
Rob, you're our leader so you should pick your favorite. I think the rest of us are sheep or silent till the ride so we live with your decision. Maggie Valley was always great unless there was a big event the same week.
Ok looks like a plan. I will be there Wednesday afternoon.

Now I remember being there near the Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner club.
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1 - 9 of 32 Posts
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