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ROTR 19, 2020

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Hi guys, it's that time of year again. Time to start thinking about ROTR. Where to stay, where to ride, who's coming.
As always, ROTR is open to anyone who wants to come. It's been a small group the last few years but the fun is BIG.

Basically ROTR is a group of riders getting together and riding some fantastic roads in the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky mountains.
The rides started in 2001 on and around the Blue Ridge Parkway, hence the name, Ride On The Ridge. Its always been a great group of people, men and women, solo and 2 up riders, and great riding. The more "spirited" riders lead and the more relaxed (meaning slower riders like me) bring up the rear. We pretty much stay as a group, waiting for everyone to regroup and intersections and eat lunch somewhere good. After the days ride we eat, enjoy adult beverages, rest, and repeat.

Is it going to be Maggie Valley again, back to Wytheville, or maybe Boone?

Lets hear your thoughts and ideas.

That being said... I don't know if I will be riding. My rotator cuff surgery failed. My supraspinatus tendon didn't stay on and I'm not back to work. Its been a long year of not knowing what's going to happen or if it will ever get fixed. I could probably ride, but I haven't. My arm is pretty weak and God forbid something go wrong and I wouldn't have the strength to handle an emergency maneuver.
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Sorry to hear about your surgery not going as planned Jon. Wish I was closer to join you folks on the ride.
Canada is not that far. You would be the 3rd to join us from the Great White North
Hi guys. I've been wondering what your thoughts are. Playing it by ear is best for now I guess. Were healthy here so far. Were kind of in the middle of nowhere and staying away from people as much as possible. I start my last 4 weeks of PT today then will probably go back to work. Unfortunately that means working on Baltimore City transit buses which is a scary thought! And since I didn't work last year I don't think I have earned vacation time for this year. So most likely I wont be there even by car if ROTR happens.

Be safe everyone.
Hi guys. Ive been to NC a few times in the past few weeks. I had been going down to visit my father. He passed away Sunday morning. Most restaurants are carry out or drive through or curbside pickup only. I stayed in a Quality Inn. They were open, obviously lol, but were not serving breakfast. Maggie Valley, being more of a vacation destination seems to be a little different, but travelling in general was fairly normal aside from less traffic. My experience on the road was that most people were distancing and/or wearing masks.
I'm waiting on workers comp to decide if I am getting more PT or going back to work. If I can I will drive down and hang out for an evening or 2. I'll follow this this and see when the ride actually happens.
Thanks for the thoughts guys. It was not Coronavirus. He had Parkinsons disease. The final stage came on hard and fast. Being off work I was able to visit a few times recently. He was glad to see us and his wife needed the support.
Be safe.
Hi Guys. I'm glad you were able to make ROTR happen. Craig is definately the ROTR Champion.I hope to be able to make it back soon. I miss the mountains, scenery, and comradery. We will have to recruit some slow riders for me to ride with lol.
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