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Ride On The Ridge 17. May 2018

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Hello everyone. Its much later than usual but lets get started with ROTR17. This would be the 17th year for this event. Its always a good time with a great group of people on some awesome mountain roads through beautiful scenery.

This ride usually takes place starting mid week after Mothers Day and ends the Sunday after Mothers Day.

Anyone is welcome to attend. I can start a poll later if anyone would like different dates and also one for location. We have based our rides out of a few different locations over the years, and recently based from 2 different locations for the ride.

I myself don't know right now if I will make it. I do still have my bike, although I have only ridden about 1600 miles in the last 2 years. I have also gotten slower, and having a CDL need to be careful about the spirited pace that the front of the group keeps. I cant keep up with them ny more but if I can make it would be happy to head up a second group.

Please post up if you're interested and the ROTR veterans can answer any questions you may have.

I'd like to make it. I missed it last year but it is often one of the high points of the year for me. I love being down there in the mountains. Its beautiful and the southern folk are so friendly.
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I'll plan to get there Thursday afternoon.
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