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Replacing 2011 Ninja 650r Fairings

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I have a 2011 ninja 650r and need to buy a new set of fairings. I wanted to know if anybody knew of any other fairings that would fit, like zx6 or 636 or just any other at all. I'm wanting to get some that will allow for clip ons to fit my bike.
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I think that you will find that factory fairings are bike/model specific. Some guys have fitted clip ons to the 650 with the standard fairing. Search some threads and check out the 650 Shop for ideas of bars available - I have the Sport bars, not clip-ons but quite sporty looking and improve front end control (in my opinion)..
Check out Blue Ridge Performance. There is a race fairing available that can be modified for street use.
Some work involved, but it may be what you are after.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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