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Rehab of 2007 650R itemized

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Here's what a thorough rehab of a 2007 650 R looks like (tasks listed newer to older). Numerous smaller tasks didn't make the list. The essentials my 650R needed were tires, battery and chain but I like to go a little further. It looks and rides perfectly now and I look forward to years of it needing only basic maintenance.

Digital gear indicator (EBay $31.80)
Voltmeter and switch (Amazon 9.53 + EBay 9.53)
Thermostat housing gasket (EBay $10.59)
Air filter - Hiflofiltro HFA2606 (Amazon $12.23)
Coolant - Prestone All Vehicles (ethylene and diethylene glycol)
Red silicone coolant / radiator hoses (EBay $26.50)
New clutch cover gasket (Amazon $12.02)
Brakes fully disassembled and pistons polished
Sixity ceramic brake pads (EBay $23.73)
Fork seals (All Ball 56-129 kit with fork and dust seals; $29.70)
Fork oil (10W from on hand supplies)
Rim stripes / decals (EBay $18.01)
Kawasaki Passion Red 234 touchup paint (EBay $13.88)
Valves shimmed with shims on hand
2 - NGK CR9EIA-9 iridium spark plugs (Amazon $21.00)
Cam cover gasket (EBay $31.73)
Haynes Service Manual (ABE books $34.41)
Dunlop RoadSmart III rear tire (Amazon $134.76)
Dunlop RoadSmart III front tire (Amazon $113.76)
Rear brake caliper clean and lube
Sand and hand paint front and rear wheels
2.5 qt Quckilver 10w40 synthetic
HifloFiltro HF303 oil filter
Shift lever adjusted down
D.I.D. x-ring chain 114 link (Amazon $90.10)
First startup 11.25.22 and 20528 miles - idled smoothly, clutch jitter noted (resolved itself first ride)
Mighty Max YTX12-BS battery (Amazon $37.09)
Paint right swingarm side with aluminum paint
Detail caliper bolts
Paint handlebar bracket (aluminum color)
Front and rear brake fluid flush DOT4
Fix blinkers, paint right bar end
Cleanup; replace gas and order battery
Purchase $900.00

PS I left out the parts needed and installed when I screwed up the shim job and replaced the head so I have a 3k mile head now that's been decarboned along with the pistons.

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Nice work, doing the same thing on an '08 with 20k miles. Added changing mechanical seal and gaskets, but just broke the impeller bolt, so might have to call in a mechanic. Hopefully these will both runs like new for a long time.
Mine was also right at 20k miles. It was reassuring looking at the inside of the cylinders and seeing zero wear.
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