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Well, it wasn't my decision, but my husband is going to sell one of his 3 bikes, the RC51, and his car to get a better car and a different bike. He's such a sweetheart....he wants to get a sport bike that we can both ride (we've found a sweet YZF1000 that's perfect for both of us!)

Anyway, this bike he's selling is in PERFECT condition (he's anal about keeping his bikes spotless). It's been garage kept, all maintenance done, corbin seat, kerker exhaust system, and tons of other mods that he's done to make this one mean machine.

I was surprised when he told me what he was asking for it because I never thought he'd go below $9000, but he's starting at $8,700 and I know he's willing to come down a little (I stress a LITTLE) for the person that wants to take care of his baby.

E-mail him for pictures at [email protected]
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