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In my hunt for a 250cc race bike, I came across this guy with a Honda NSR 250 for sale. It's a little out of my price range, but it still sounds bad-***. I thought that I may as well try and help him find a good home for his bike.

These are the two E-mails he sent me about his motorcycle:

Eric; We have some RGV's and TZR's coming, but right
now I have a very fast, very light Honda NSR 250 MC-28
single-sided swingarm, 010 credit card model, with a
ton of spare parts including Magnesium wheels. Body
work is clean and painted, cylinders are brand new,
crank is balanced, has a new top end with spares, tons
of sprockets, bars, levers, etc. It also has a custom
made Penske shock, and an Ohlin's damper. It comes
with ram air, hi compression heads, triple core
radiator, hi flow reeds, jetted with velocity stack
carbs, RS 250 coils and plugs, and NSR 500V JHA pipes.
It is very fast, and kills all bikes in the turns
including RS 125's.

As you can see this is my personal race bike that I
would be willing to sell immediately. We can work out
a price based on which parts you would be interested,
but the bike is basically cherry. The bike could also
be made street legal if you require that up front.
This may take a little bit longer for turnaround time
because I need a few parts, but it is not impossible.

Please feel free to call me at work (915)-782-8756 or
at home (915)-760-6028 after 6 pm MST.


Eric; I can fit it with a NSR double sided swingarm
if need be. Either way it could be priced from $5,500
to $8,000 depending on the number of spares and which
performance parts you want. Make an offer based on
what you want, and we can work from there (please
include whether you want the ability for this thing to
be ridden on the street, even for resale, otherwise,
the full blown race motor may be more appropriate). I
am very negotiable, and we will somehow strike a
Get back to me.
P.S. The single sided is actually heavier than the
double sided. I have won numerous races/championships
with various bikes, and I have even raced GP overseas,
and this bike has plenty of integrity for most riders,
including me. I love it!

If anyone is interested, you can send him an E-mail at [email protected].

Personally, I'm a little partial to the RGV250, but this Honda sounds cool, too. Just more than I'm looking to spend right now.

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I just got word from this guy that he also just got in three Aprilia 250's. These use the older RGV engine, but have better suspension. If anyone is interested in racing, this is the man to contact. Not only can he sell you the machinery you need, but he's also a race school instructor.
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