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Quick Garage Sale

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Well, I know I haven't been on here for a while so, hello. Hope y'all have been doing just fine. Down to business. I got bit by the Diavel bug and am on my way to pick one up tomorrow. Trading in the Z for $X and am curious if any of y'all are interested in some used, but well maintained goodies. Keep in mind the bike has almost 2k on the odo and only things I can think of that have been on since day 1, are the levers and seat cowl. Since I've been out of the loop for a bit, my prices might seem a little high so do throw offers at me.

OEM Seat Cowl, white (impeccable cond.). $60 shipped

Pazzo Shorty levers, black with orange adjusters. Fit 2007 and up Z1000 $sold + shipping (have a couple stone chips in them, but not noticeable from 5ft.)

BMC air filter, fits 2010 Z1000 and up. 500-600 miles on it. $sold + shipping

If I decide to not use them on my Diavel, the following may be up for sale.

CRG arrow mirrors are sold.

Rhino Moto Barends $sold shipped.

Power Commander, urban brawlers and Ivan's FCE are staying on the bike since I don't want to have to re-route the exup valve cables or worry about the FCE connections being fine. The Muzzy fender eliminator is also going with the bike.

Stock parts that are for sale:

Stock exhaust cans, will include cable. Taken off within 100 miles: $80, saw they are about $1300 new for the pair, you pay shipping.

Stock rear fender, just the plastic with reflectors. Taken off within 100 miles: $20, you pay shipping.
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I want the BMC filter would you do $25 shipped to Alabama? Also whats your paypal?
I sent you a PM I want the BMC filter just need your paypal address.
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