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Progressives are In.

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What a difference a day makes! Had the progressives installed in 45 minutes and they make a very nice difference in rideabilty. Hard stops and aggressive cornering are especially improved. Well worth the $75. Springs themselves are about 2" longer with double the number of coils, 3 5/8" spacers instead of 6" factory gives about an extra .5" of preload. Highly recommended for those of you who were thinking about it.
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offpeak, can you give me some more info on what the springs looked like? are there different sections of equally spaced coils in the spring or is each coil a little tighter/looser than the one next to it? i ask because the pic of the holeshot springs showed discreet sections equally wound while the hyperpro seemed to be the other way. if this is what they really look like i'd say this makes the hyperpro's more "progressive" while the holeshots are sort of a stepped progression. what's the scoop?

thanks :)


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aris, i've got pvc spacers in with the standard springs now. did you really notice a big improvement from spacers with stock springs to the hyperpro springs?

BTW, i got a screen like yours. i'll be doing a review for the site in a week or two ;)

offpeak, aris, thanks for the info. it looks like either spring will do well. hyperpro comes with 15w fork oil but it's cheap enough to buy that separately. i think the holeshots are a better bet for me because they are more readily available here in the states.

aris, i like the looks of the screen. it's small and keeps the naked flavor of the bike. i haven't been riding much since i got it installed because i had visitors in from out of town. i should be back in the saddle this week for some good testing :)

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