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Progressives are In.

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What a difference a day makes! Had the progressives installed in 45 minutes and they make a very nice difference in rideabilty. Hard stops and aggressive cornering are especially improved. Well worth the $75. Springs themselves are about 2" longer with double the number of coils, 3 5/8" spacers instead of 6" factory gives about an extra .5" of preload. Highly recommended for those of you who were thinking about it.
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Hyperpro kit

Hi Guys,

Offpeak I'm glad you like the new springs. It was the biggest drawback of the bike. I still wonder how everybody else goes on with standard fork! ;)
If they only tried one of our bikes they would realize!
How is the fork kit by Progressive Inc, is it really progressive?
Scott my Hyperpro kit was as you described, not equal spaces between the wounds. This is what makes it progressive, and it feels GOOD!
BTW Offpeak, the Hyperpro fork kit cost me around 100$ when I installed it ( fall 2000) and it included 1lt fork oil W15. It seems you got the price for the combined front and rear spring!
And it works without any extra spacers as described in the instructions. In fact I had installed PVC spacers beforehand and saw some improvement. This was discussed on the Garage, and it's the cheapest mod anybody can do to the bike (spacers and thicker oil). The fork kit though is something else. Malcolm and Chris know what I mean, now Offpeak found out also. How about the rest of you guys, are you really happy with the fork?
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Hyperpro vs Spacers

Hi Scott,

I can testify that there is no comparison!
The Hyperpro kit transformed the bike. Specially braking and cornering is so much better. Comfort isn't sacrifised though as the first part of the travel is on the soft side and it stiffens towards the end of the travel. This way it takes the little bumps without upsetting the bike but it never bottoms!
How do you like the screen? Did you test it at high speed?
It's the best in my opinion as it does the job (if you put your helmet on the tank) without destroying the naked look.
Actually I took mine off a while ago as I wanted to enjoy the naked look once more, but I had trouble when I went for a ride with my mate (CBR929 RR) and had to keep it above 200km/h on the long straights. My neck hurt baddly as I haven't been riding much lately and I got out of shape!
There, the ZR7 can give you your everyday exercise!


PS. Scott, try the Hyperpro kit and you won't regret it!
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