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Production Bike Record?

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Don't know if they verified it with GPS or Radar but Kenan Sofuoglu supposedly went 400 KM/H in 26 secs on the Osman Gazi Bridge.

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This "record" doesn't make any sense. This is on a street. The bike's not street legal. What significance is the bridge? It appears to me they used the bike's speedometer to indicate the speed which I'm certain is not accurate and judging somewhere between a typical 3-7% that's well short of 249 mph.

I find it difficult to believe a completely stock H2R is geared to hit 249 mph? If they changed the gearing or anything else, it's no longer a production bike. I thought the top speed of H2R was 357 kph, we all remember those screen shots don't we?

However fast it was actually going is still insanely fast, IMO H2R is a true hyperbike compared to what most people consider hyperbikes (14s, Busas). If only it were street legal and didn't require new pistons after 16 hours of operation (which is part of what makes it a hyperbike).
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