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Prices in SoCal?

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Been hearing of some great deals people are getting on the 2010 Z1000, but I don't think any of them have been from SoCal.. Anybody buy their Z1000 in SoCal (or anywhere in California for that matter)? If so what did you pay?
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I paid $10,100 otd for a black one delivered straight from Kawasaki.
The thing to be most aware of is that a lot of states do not collect sales tax through the dealer when you buy, so the OTD price is often significantly lower. Here in CA, they add the tax and the title/licensing costs in the OTD price, so you could get the same deal someone else did and still pay more OTD.
I saw someone on here claiming the paid under $8000 otd. I called BS but I supposed if you factor in the high tax and dmv fees here in Cali as oppossed to wherever they were from it maybe could be possible. So good point. I was happy to get 400 below MSRP otd here in socal.
You can call BS, but that doesn't change the facts. I paid $7,498 plus $235 license, title and documentation fee (no sales tax in OR) - so $7,733 OTD. If you think I'm BS'n, I'll sell it to you for $7,733 - cash money, you come pick it up!
That's in Oregon though where you can buy a 3 bedroom house for like $100k... I think in SoCal they charge more just because everything else is expensive too - the market will bear it...
Well then I say congrats. What will your first big ticket item accessory be with the money you saved?
I too got mine dirt cheap. I live in central VA and traveled 3 hours to a dealer in WVA and got it for $8100 OTD (tax, title, tags included)

AND he still has a few left at that price.
Yea well that's in central VA where you can buy a 3 bedroom house for like $15k

Yea well that's in central VA where you can buy a 3 bedroom house for like $15k

Yea well that's in central VA where you can buy a 3 bedroom house for like $15k

I wish, cost of living here is higher than anywhere else i have ever lived (i guess its the price to pay for living in a city that was rated #1 five times for the "best city in the us to live in"). However, just a short 1 hour drive into the countryside towards the pig, chicken and cow farms, everything is cheap.

My local dealer has had three 2010 z's and not one has sold. They are asking full retail plus tax/title/tags... What a joke.... Hence my 3 hour drive to po-dunk west va for the good deal.
I really miss SoCal... what an awesome place. But wow things sure are cheaper here in Oregon. I just got my new Z last night for $9200 for the bike plus $4k trade on my 09 ER-6n... basically I should have only gotten $2500 in trade, so the way I see it, I paid $7700 out the door (that includes $235 registration, no sales tax in Oregon). Can't complain at all.

How's Charlottesville these days? I have family there. I haven't been there since 1991. Pretty place.

Its great!! But, most of all Charlottesville is almost recession proof. With most of the city dependent on the University which is always booming, things are good. Plus, the mountain roads and back country roads are awesome for riding!
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