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Plasma Blue 650R in Delaware $3500 + extras

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I may have to go bike-less for a few months to make a career change possible. I am putting my bike up for sale to see if anyone is interested. It's a beautiful 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 650R in plasma blue. The mods are in the sig, but here's what I've done:
Zero Gravity Windscreen
Sport Bars 2.0
Aftermarket Grips
Frame Sliders
Rear Spools
Kawasaki -1" Short Seat
Rear Hugger
Wired for battery tender (charger included)
Fender Eliminator
Grab Handles on the rear
(I have the original seat and windscreen too)

The bike has under 8K miles on it, and I would consider it in excellent condition. I just changed the oil at the end of last season and put Mobil 1 Synthetic Bike oil and a K&N oil filter on it. It has warranty until February 2011 I belive. The bike runs perfect, it fires up and runs like brand new. I have been pretty easy on the bike too. The tires still have a lot of tread on them.

I am asking $3500, NO LESS for the bike. You can email me - [email protected]

The bike has a lean on it, if you want it, give me the cash, you take the bike and I will get you the title in about a week, my bank is a state over and I have to go through the mail for it.

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Sales pending, I got a guy coming saturday to look at it.
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