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Planning on Going To The Gap? aka The Dragon

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Hey folks, Kinda new here but I figured I would let you all in on something.
If you plan on going the please be on the look out for these 2 kids. They go to a local collage here and was caught trying to steal a bike. Luckily there were great people there to stop that and grabbed a couple of pics while doing it. So if you go to ride, Please take the key out of your bike and let others know if you see these 2 kids in a Infinity G35. Thanks and be safe riding out there!

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I bet Daddy won't be happy his nice car is all over the internet.
ha ha ha

^ haha nope.
Also there is a community page on facebook. PLease help out by viviting it and clicking the like button. And have as many of your friends do it as well. Thanks so much for the support
here is the link.

Figured there would be alot more support on this site. anyway check in with the FB page there has been alot of developments with names now out! Looks like he will get into trouble with the university!
The FB link isnt working for me, it just brings up my homepage.
I'm in Greenville, SC... I plan to ride the tail of the dragon before the leaves fall
Probably another Thug from the University of Tennessee Athletic Dept!!!!:killingme
I was just there last weekend and heard that these two were back again scouting and bragging about this earlier incident. I'm surprised that this wasn't "taken care of" by a couple of riders on their own in the parking lot.

Amazing... daddy hooks this douche up with that sort of ride, yet that still ain't enough to make him happy? Thanks for the heads up, I will forward it to my friens going there next month. Just why exactly did the cops just let them off?

I can just see'em now, rolling around trying to act hard, ganster rap blairing from the speakers. The crew I'm used to riding with at the gap- I'm pretty sure we could show these *** hats what "keeping it real" is all about :smashfrea ;).

Nothing lower than these types.....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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