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PB rear hugger

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Does anyone have a Powerbronze rear hugger on their bike? I'm weighing rear hugger options and I'm wondering if PB's is easy to install and of high quality. Are there any other rear huggers that anyone would recommend?
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NWS.... Two screws and two wire ties ... Been on since new ..


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+1 on that Cobjerry.
Mine had a NWS hugger fitted when I bought her and I've never had any issues in 20,000 miles.
That is sharp cobjerry, where did you buy that?
Been 11 years .... Can't remember right now .....
Darn.....so how far does that go to the license plate area (kinda hard to see in current pics)?
Not sure what you mean .....
I mean where the pan meets your bracket/etc for the license plate holder area if that makes sense as in where does it stop.
I drilled two holes on the rear tray and attached my plate to it .. This is a pic from Wild Hair ... No bracket ,,, removed


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Ebay has huggers and a few other body parts now ...
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