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Options for 2015 Ninja 650 return springs

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So my ninja 650 (non-ABS) has woodcraft rear sets, after using them for a bit I realized I wanted more pedal feel for the rear brake. I see options (on the woodcraft site) for pedal return springs for the ZX6-R, and ZX10-R but not for the 650. Is there another vendor that have return springs for aftermarket rear sets or maybe the ones from the ZX6-R can work? I believe woodcraft has a 1.25in spring and a 1.81in spring (mainly for the ZX10-R tho). If there are no options from vendors, Im curious what other 650 owners with woodcraft rear sets have done to get a more resistant feel on the pedal.
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If you are talking about return springs that fit on the master cylinder, you can use any of them.

Just order the correct thread pitch for the master cylinder rod. I believe the choices were 6mm or 8mm and I don't know what yours has.
Awesome!! Just wanted to be sure :LOL: I appreciate it!!💪
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