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Happy new year to all.

I don't remember where the thread was but someone was talking about turning a 7s into a 7 by removing the fairing, etc...

A few months ago I ran across a site that I thought was great. The site is from a guy who specializes in Older Kawi's and making them bigger and better. Very interesting reading in his "My old Kaws never dies series". Sure, our bikes come with half of the stuff he fabricates/recommends, but the reading on his thoughts and his listing of improvements in the order to be done I thought was good....oh yeah, the point....whoever was doing the 7S to 7 change was looking to find guages/headlight, etc... This guy has a ton of parts for sale. I am sure he has what your looking for, maybe not sparkling new, but I am sure at a price that is more appropriate.

OldKawMan's Bikes & Parts

Hope it helps, Ethan
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