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Hey Gang ! I think this forum is the best thing since sliced bread.
Kudos to everyone involved!!

I'm a new rider, 8 weeks now, AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! Please excuse the "newbie" questions. :D

This is kind of a bitter/sweet story but last week (2 days before
Thanksgiving) I discovered a nail in the back tire of the '82 Yahama SECA 750. :eek:

I rode straight to a near by dealership and promptly got it
replaced with a brand new tire. Leaving the shop/dealership
I was warned of how slick new tires are and to take it easy.

At 5 mph, right in front of the showroom window, making
a right hand turn the back tire breaks loose and I loose control.
I've heard that it's not good to go down with the bike so when
I knew I couldn't make a recovery I bailed off.

I just sprang my wrist in what was called a "Greg Louganis" dive
off the bike. BUT THE BIKE was thrashed, slide about 8 feet on it's
side. I got an estimate of $1300 to fix it and I had only paid $1350 for it. I decided then and there that I loved riding and to go ahead and get something a little more "up-to-date".

I salivated over the '02 Triumph Sprint RS and the '02 Suzuki
Bandit 1200 in the showroom and had decided on the Suzuki,
primarily to because it was less expensive and felt less like
a crotch rocket. My wife then said "Have you looked at the used bikes ?"

The salesman frowned as I ask :mad: but took me anyway.
Lo and behold there is my new bike, '01 ZR-7S (red of course
that the only color in the US). I didn't even have to ride it to
know I was going to buy it AND because it had 5600 miles on
it (just broken in) I got it for $1500 less than the cost of the

I've been riding it a few days and never got the owners manual
for it or the chance to get back to the dealer to request one. So I have 2 questions about oil.

1. When I turn it on, before I start the engine, the oil? light comes
on, and goes off once I start it. Is this normal ?

2. If I need to add oil, what kind should I use ?
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