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Oil change help

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First I warmed up my ninja 650r 2006. Then I started the oil change and got all oil out and it takes 1.9L to fill it back up I used only 1.5 and it looks over filled when I turn it on it also has like a milky circle in the oil sight gauge. When it’s off it’s like 1/4 full. Should I drain more out to get it in the sight lines when it’s running?
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You cannot check oil level with the bike running. The oil level can only be checked with the bike in a vertical position (not on the side stand) with the engine NOT running. The 1.9L amount mentioned is engine capacity / a dry-fill amount of oil for the engine when new. It serves only as a general guide regarding the amount of oil to use for and oil change. The amount of oil you would need to refill will be less than 1.9L since you will never be able to completely drain all the old oil out of the engine.
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