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Looking to find sport bike riders who like to hit the road with good company. I have been riding for about a year now on my 2012 Ninja 650. I love being on the road, but sometimes it is nice to hang with other people.
There are plenty of poker runs here in Ohio, but mostly cruisers and I feel awkward being the only sport bike riding with them.

Hit me up with a reply if your interested.

Chris Wareham, Ashville Oh
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Hello, I have been riding for almost a year now and now that I have became a better rider I can say that it does get boring at times when riding by yourself. I ride a 2022 Ninja 400, it is my first bike and after a while of mastering throttle control and everything else associated I will be upgrading for sure. I would be totally willing to ride sometime with anyone who can give advice or even as someone to ride with.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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