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october 6th San Diego ride

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hey all, i'm doing a ride. i know martin is locked up keeping us all safe but i want to hold the ride anyway. it'll be a long one but there will be spots where you can bail out early if you want.

here's the plan:
we'll meet at denny's just west of route 5 on encinitas blvd at 8:00am for breakfast. there's gas right across the street if you need it. those who don't care to eat can meet us there a little before 9:00am. we'll get eveyone together and head through rancho santa fe to escondido. rest break here. we'll head around lake wholford and up palomar mountain. rest break and pie/meal here. we'll descend the other side of palomar and go off to julian. another break and some food. then head back.

from here we may split and take our separate ways home. there's a route out of here that goes down higland valley road but i can get a bit lost. if i can figure that out before the weekend maybe we can do that.

the route to palomar is scenic, not too twisty. up palomar is twisty, there are often cops with radar guns. down the other side is more scenic. these roads are fun when taken fast but the primary goal here is a fun group ride with no mishaps and no tickets, spirited riding is secondary. i'd like to keep the pace comfortable which may be a little slower if we go with more riders or riders who are a little less familiar with the roads.

we'll have a safety brief before we leave so everyone feels comfortable. it will probably be hot, bring water. lastly, this is just a plan, we can change it if folks would prefer something else :)

need more info? ask me: [email protected]

hope to see you there :)

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well, it turned out that my friend ophira on her ninja was the only one who made it. we had a good time anyway. we took elfin forest road to escondido, then around lake wholford and on to palomar. no cops :) we finished through julian. in julina i found that my favorit pie shop had burned down and another was offering a $10,000 reward for information on the person who had tried to burn down their building. i don't know if the two incidents were related.

hope we have more folks turn out next time :)

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