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I was bound and determined to beat the rattle in the headlight housing. The final cure...a piece of rubber hose jammed between the chrome ring and the head light. I took it all apart tonight and seperated all the pieces. I picked up all the pieces one by one with a screwdriver and tapped on them to see if anything had a rattle. Sure enough, the chrome ring was it. The brackets that are welded to the ring have small gaps and the lack of full welds allows the brackets to rattle. Mind you, this is a 2000 model (the blue one), so you folks with the 2001's that are chasing rattles in your head lights aren't gonna have the same one. Another thing I noticed is that the fairing magnafies the sound alot. When I took my fairing off, I couldn't hear the rattle as much until I was directly in front of the light. So that may also be why the 2001's rattle is loud.
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