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Non ZR7 bikes

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I think it's a good idea to talk about the other bikes the members own or ride.
I like almost all bikes except customs, and I own another 3 except the ZR7.
Is anybody else into classics here? I have two BMWs (1957 R26, 1975 R75/6) and a 1983 Yamaha SR500 which I ride as often as I can!
Of course the ZR7 has taken most of my riding time the last year but I love them all and I'm not selling any of them!

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hey tom, a buddy of mine has the 50cc model with a big bore kit to take it up to 80cc. according to him it does 60, not bad! he wanted me to buy it for my girl to get her into riding. when i first saw it i thought it was a 250cc race replica. sweet little bike!

i used to have a v-star 650 classic. nice bike and gives you a total big gike feel. long, low and mean looking in all black. i sold it when i bought the 7. my friend has a newer one, two tone paint and floor boards instead of pegs. nice :)



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