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nitrous kit

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i have a nitrous kit, everything you'll need to run it, comes with a 40 jet, 155$ shipped
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give me ur email address and i'll send some to you
put me on that list too 911
[email protected]
hey crowbar id be willing to knock off some cash on the nitrous kit if u can get me some wheel spacers to run on my z1000 with 04 zx6r forks
kit looks good, its an MPS?

One question - why the sale? Does it no longer work, or did you hose your bike, or what?
The reason for selling is because I put my bike in my old mans name so I could get cheaper insurance rates and he said if I ran the nitrous he wouldn't let me stay on his insurence plan soooo I have to sell it, and if I don't sell it, its just gunna sit around, and zr you should have gotten an email it was tittled z1000 nitrous kit, check ur spam box, I sent it from my blackberry
Sorry def not there i looked. Can you send it again please and also to my gmail also

[email protected]
[email protected]
i believe its a 3 pound bottle not 100% sure, i never used it but if u cut out that piece of pastic wall where ur tool kit is in the rear compartment, it'll fit in there as long as ur seat isnt on and the cap is
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