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Hey All,

We got a lot of disappointed calls and e-mails after we announced several months back that the Ninja 650 Sport Bar kits were no longer being manufactured after nearly 9 years, but we have GOOD NEWS if you didn't get a set before! We found a STASH of additional parts for kits in a corner of our warehouse and have assembled several dozen kits for a FINAL SALE of them! Price has also been dropped $20 for this final sale - snatch 'em up! We have both '09-'11 and '12-'16 model year kits available at this point, once we run out we'll mark them out of stock for good.

Find them here:
Ninja 650 Sport Bars

P.S. - Although I'm not out here very often, it's awesome to see this forum still trucking along after all these years since I started it nearly 20 years ago! Ninja 650 is still one of my favorite bikes I ever owned, and in fact my "old" Ninja 650 is still being ridden at track days here by the 3rd owner so I get to visit her several times a year! ;-)
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