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Ninja 650 Service Light

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Earlier this year I bought a late 2020 Ninja 650 with the TFT dash, I recently had it serviced by an independent garage that I've used for years. A few days after the service the service light came on so I took it to the garage to reset. Unfortunately, he couldn't reset it, does anyone know how to do this? I can reset the oil change light, but not the service indicator.

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Does the owner's manual mention what to do with this light?
That’s the thing, the manual only states that the service indicator should be reset by an authorised Kawasaki dealer.

Seeing as how I get my bikes fixed at an independent dealer that I’ve been using for many years, I am stuck with what to do. The guy I use is excellent and obviously a lot cheaper than a main Kawasaki dealer, but he‘s unable to reset the Service indicator.

I can’t find anything on the Internet either.
Hi. Thanks for the message. I can indeed reset the oil change indicator, it’s the full service indicator that neither me or the independent garage can reset.

As you say, most likely a Kawasaki dealer will have a device to connect to the ECU and they’ll most likely charge me for the privilege!
Hi. According to the manual, only a Kawasaki main dealer can access this port with the correct diagnostic device. But if I do jumper the port to ground and get the number of flashes, how can I look up the code if I don't have a diagnostic tool? In any case, the bike has just been serviced and all I want to do is clear the indicator that says it's due for a main service. There's no "fault" as such. Unless I've misunderstood your post?
Thanks for the link, very interesting. Basically, the indicator on my bike is saying the bike needs a main service, even though it's been serviced. Unfortunately, the non-Kawasaki garage doesn't know how to tell the ECU it's been serviced, hence the indicator is still on. I

t's not an error code, meaning something needs fixing, the bike's fine. Looks like a visit to the Kawasaki dealer after all. I'll send a picture tomorrow. Thanks.
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It seems that Kawasaki and other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers are getting on the European motorcycle manufacturers bandwagon of preventing owners from accessing certain ECU functions.

My Aprilia has the same issue, however, fortunately its ECU is shared across a few different brands and models, and a very smart guy developed some software that allows complete access to all ECU functions.

From what I have read on other forums, this is not the case with Kawasaki, so as you have stated, it will require a dealer reset.
Hi. Yep, it looks like that's the only way. Thanks for the message.
I've seen hacks for resetting Ducati lights. Sure don't want to see this happen for Japanese bikes as it's just a bad (read greedy) thing to do to buyers.
So I called a local Kawasaki dealer and they want £50 to clear the service indicator and they're too busy to do it until next week. I've spoken to the in independent dealer who serviced the bike and he's going to see if he can find a way to do it.
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£50 to clear a service light - like 5 minutes work? Wow, that's extortionist. Hopefully your other dealer will have some luck.
Totally agree. They were trying to make it sound like it's a big procedure, when we all know it's just 5 minutes work. If I end up riding around for a while with the service light on until someone finds a cheap solution, so be it. I've got the receipts and the stamps in the service book to prove the bike's been regularly maintained.
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Spoke to my guy at the garage yesterday and he's still researching a solution to this. He told me that the person he usually turns to regarding this kind of problems says that if I had a Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha, no problem. Not so, Kawasaki, but he's still trying.
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