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Ninja 650 Service Light

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Earlier this year I bought a late 2020 Ninja 650 with the TFT dash, I recently had it serviced by an independent garage that I've used for years. A few days after the service the service light came on so I took it to the garage to reset. Unfortunately, he couldn't reset it, does anyone know how to do this? I can reset the oil change light, but not the service indicator.

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It seems that Kawasaki and other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers are getting on the European motorcycle manufacturers bandwagon of preventing owners from accessing certain ECU functions.

My Aprilia has the same issue, however, fortunately its ECU is shared across a few different brands and models, and a very smart guy developed some software that allows complete access to all ECU functions.

From what I have read on other forums, this is not the case with Kawasaki, so as you have stated, it will require a dealer reset.
So I called a local Kawasaki dealer and they want £50 to clear the service indicator and they're too busy to do it until next week. I've spoken to the in independent dealer who serviced the bike and he's going to see if he can find a way to do it.
£50 to clear a service light - like 5 minutes work? Wow, that's extortionist. Hopefully your other dealer will have some luck.
Sure seems like it is time for the independent service/repair shops should invest in some equipment to reset service lights.
It's really not about equipment. It's about software.

If the ECU software is Kawasaki specific, then buying a licence to use it would be cost prohibitive (on purpose), unless the service/repair shop wanted to become part of the Kawasaki franchise. I believe that is pretty much how it works.

Here in the Phils, a guy I know (and a few of his mates) bought a Triumph Bobber from a Triumph associated dealer. All of them pretty much got the 'Service' light at the same time. Even though they had bought from a Triumph agent, the agent didn't have the software to remove the service light - for sure, they would have had to buy it and decided not to given the small number of bikes sold.

So, he and they just ride around with a little red service light on their gauge.

Like my Aprilia, there is a guy who has developed and is selling ECU software for the Triumphs. You simply have to buy it and have an android cell phone/tablet, all the right connectors and go for it.

Having said that, it's very easy to 'brick' (kill) an ECU if you don't know what you are doing, and then you are up for big bucks.
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