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Newbie shifting question

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I've noticed something when downshifting that I need to know if it's normal or if it is something I should have looked at on the bike.

When I am in a high gear (4th or 5th) and am approaching a stop, if I work down through the gears while the bike is moving, each downshift is solid and easy. If, however, I let the bike come to a complete stop in, say, 3rd gear (I know, bad technique, but I'm still learning and it happens), it sometimes takes a couple of tries to get the transmission to go into each lower gear.

Anyone else experience this and/or have ideas about it?

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Another excellent point, Andy. This is the "thinking riders" strategy. I've caught myself right smack in the middle of the cage ahead of me and thought why I'm I in this position? Daydreaming on a bike in traffic is not a healthy option. Tom
Sometimes hearing that rear wheel "chirp" is a good thing, it may not be so good for the bike, but it's a welcome sound for my piece of mind when I find myself stopping very quickly and it lets me know I'm in 1st when I know I need to be. Question: how many of you have stopped your bike on an incline thinking you were in 1st and when the light changes, you suddenly realize you're in 2nd and stall the bike in front of "many cages?" An unnerving feeling at best. Causes a little panic, which is not good. For those of you who are pistol and/or rifle enthusiasts, do you count rounds as you fire? Knowing when to reload is about the same as knowing your'e in the right gear, maybe. What do y'all think? Tom :)
Newbie, forget about it...

Craig, the term "newbie" will be gone from your mind very quickly with this bike. It is very forgiving of your mistakes and is very adaptable to your riding style, whatever that may be! Trust me on this, Tom (Anybody agree??) :D
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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