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Newbie shifting question

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I've noticed something when downshifting that I need to know if it's normal or if it is something I should have looked at on the bike.

When I am in a high gear (4th or 5th) and am approaching a stop, if I work down through the gears while the bike is moving, each downshift is solid and easy. If, however, I let the bike come to a complete stop in, say, 3rd gear (I know, bad technique, but I'm still learning and it happens), it sometimes takes a couple of tries to get the transmission to go into each lower gear.

Anyone else experience this and/or have ideas about it?

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good thread

Glad I found this site...I knew there had to be something out there. Since it's my first post I'll give a little info on myself. I'm 17 and have been working on cars since I was about 13. Just finished restoring a 1962 MGA Mk II 1600 and also piddle on a 1981 Lancia Beta Coupe when it needs it. I guess you could say I'm mechanically inclined. I wanted to get something else to piddle on so Dad and I looked around and saw a brand new 2000 ZR-7 at the local dealer with a price tag of $4799. After thinking and buying the bike we got it here Oct. 30. The dealer was selling under cost because the bike was the last of the ones they had and they wanted to get rid of it. Neither Dad or I have ridden a motorcycle before so we are learning on it. The bike's tranny and clutch covers already have paint taken off from dropping the bike in the gravel here at the house (grrr....!) with some swirls on the muffler and a mysterious scratch that looks like a stone chip on a car on the back tail section of the bike. Needless to say we are learning, but sometimes learning expenses can still give us anal retentive people more anxiety than we need. Who knows how long it will take me to get over it...probably not until it is fixed...

Anyway, I'm glad this message about gear shifting has come up. Even though all our cars are standard shift, riding a bike is like learning all over again...hehe. I have been glad my face was shielded from traffic after I have stalled the bike out at a light. I'm glad I read the message about downshifting needing to be a necessity. In cars it is not, however I have learned the hard way that with the bike you have to. I noticed the same thing that someone said about letting the clutch out just a little bit to engage the gears and then get into 1st.

I'm glad to know that there are others out there riding their ZR-7 to their daily destinations for the first time as I did yesterday. It's great fun and I'm amazed at the looks I get while riding.

I look forward to gaining lots more info from you guys and I'll do my best to let you guys in on anything I can. -Jamie
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