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Please excuse me if I am revisiting something that was already explored:

I'm 38, 6'4", 223lbs, 34" inseam and I'm seeking my first bike. I'll be doing the MSF course and getting full gear etc. I plan on doing a lot of riding this summer and I'm pretty excited about beginning this journey. However, the things with which I need help are reccomends on a bike.

I reside in NYC where I'll use it on my 35 mins commute to work at times. I'm not seeking a sport, cafe racer, or naked bike, don't need anything twitchy like those. I'd love to have a used, low maintenance, fuel injected cruiser that doesn't have me looking like a circus bear on a tricycle. I'm not looking at HDs, because they're not are reliable as say, most Japanese brands. Not looking at Italian brands because though they look nice, their maintainance is expensive. I was checking out a used 05 Mean Streak, but I fear it'll be too much of an unwieldy tank for my average NYC traffic commute. What says you?

I'd like something that fits my frame, isn't expensive (I don't mind older), is reliable, is fuel injected, has a nice sporty look, hence my obsession with the Kawasaki Mean Streak, but not huge like a HD Street Glide. Please, help me out. What makes, models and years do you suggest please?
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