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My DIY helmet strap holder!

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Yes I was bored, but it solves a problem, nonetheless.

idk if anybody has this problem, but I do on my Exo-400. With the strap snapped onto the little button thing, it makes a big loop, which catches air and funnels it straight up the left side of the helmet. Tis rather annoying. I don't like to just let it hang either, because it whips around all crazy like. Shoving it into my jacket is annoying when I turn my head. But, shoving it up into the helmet works! Until it falls out...

In order to keep it up in there, I just took a sliver of some nylon strap, and sewed it into a loop that fit nicely over my helmet strap. After buckling it in the D ring, the idea is that I'll just slide it up into the loop, which will carry the weight, and keep it out of my way. I put the pictures on facebook, so we'll see if they work here...

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Nicely Done....

I've been using a Scorpion EXO-400 for about 5 years now.... I like that you can secure the end of the strap with the snap. The airflow from the loop doesn't bother me. -- At least not until you mentioned it, now it will probably make me crazy!:nono:

Even though I don't seem to suffer the same issue.... I truly like your solution!! Good work!!! Thanks for sharing.:agree:
I used the snap when I had an Arai, but with the KBC and HJC helmets I've used since, the snap was more difficult to get to. So, I just tuck the extra strap in under the chinstrap. Works fine. Cost? $0. Comfort? Same. Security? Same.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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