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Motorcycle Demo/Stunt Riders

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Will be at El Cajon Speedway 13Oct01. I'll be the one in shorts, t-shirt, green FOX hat. See calendar for more info.:)
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Demo/ Stunt Riders

It was a pretty good time. They worked it into the "Half Time" show for the races. There were 2 riders from Libasci Racing that did a 6 lap race demo. That part was o.k., (not much if you're use to watching it). But it gave the local populace something other than cars to watch. Then 3 guys from San Diego came out and did stoppies, wheelies, tank stands (one did a tank stand around the entire 3/8 mile oval), and a bunch of burn outs. For the "Grand Finale", 2 bikes went front tire to front tire and the 3rd came in at a 90 deg. to the other fronts and they did the burn out of all burn outs. The smoke cloud engulfed all 3 for a good minute. Then it took another 45 sec. to a minute to clear. They then split back up and 2 of 'em finished roasting the rear tires until they were shredded. There were 3 roosts of rubber that was pretty awesome to watch. The races were pretty good too. Super Mods doing mid 13 sec lap times on a paved 3/8 mile oval was pretty cool. It would have been better if the track was longer, but it was still a good time. :cool:
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