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Thanks in advance for helping me with my first carb rebuild.

Looking for some veteran advice here.
1996 Bandit 1200s
17,000 km
Carb Model: Mikuni BST36SS (flatside)

Bike sat garaged for too long and gaskets are shrunken, brittle. When I soaked them with treatment the needle valve assemblies dropped and lost seal. Gas in everything. Fouled plugs. Gas in gears. Hydrolock.
I have removed and broken down the carbs without separating the individual carbs, removed all rubber, blown out passages with carb cleaner and compressed air, soaked jets and needles. It's all looking nice and clean so far. Diaphragms are good(small miracle). A few jets were abused by previous owner's screwdriver slipping so I ordered oem replacements. Also ordered TourMax rebuild kits for the gaskets and float needle.

In the shop manual it says to take the carbs down to individual parts with complete dis-assembly and replace ALL gaskets and seals. Huge job. Online I have found no examples of doing this. Most ppl stop the rebuild at this stage and put it back together. My concern is the enrichener plungers. I cannot remove them (I think) without dismantling the rack and maybe opening a big can o worms...

Should I break the rack down and rebuild the plungers? (they appear to be clean)
What problems can I expect if I do or don't break it down further?
Do I need to use a Torque driver when tightening jets?

Would anyone with carb experience care to share some advice or warnings to possibly help me avoid costly mistakes?

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