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Meanstreak cam chain blade issue

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Wondering if you could help me out with a problem I have with a vn1500 meanstreak 2003 I got a while back the speedometer was broken so not sure of mileage

The bike was running ruff but had been sitting a while
I ran her with injection cleaner etc and got her goin
I noticed she was using oil I had to top her up considerably but doesn’t appear to be putting out any smoke etc actually runs fine
I then decided to fit the cam chain extensions on the adjusters
When I took them out they where at full adjustment

Could have been like that for a long time

Well I fitted the extensions

And when checking the oil Assy filter at the sump there was like a thin piece of plastic and what appeared to be like a hard foam which I suspect is the the cam blade

I have rode the bike since a few hundred miles

Decided to do the oil again
And there was a lot more of the foam I described

Is it a big job to go in and replace the he blades
And if I do decide to take this on
Where do I start
What do I need etc

Do I need to replace other stuff when I’m in there etc valve seal ,gaskets
Can’t afford to pay someone I’ve a lot of money in the bike as I restored it paint etc to get it where it is

I would really appreciate your help and advice
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