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Hey, I’m new to anything forums so be gentle lol. Recently I purchased a 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan Mean Streak 1600 with 11,400 miles on it. It has been extremely well kept from the previous owner who bought it new. The bike is mechanically bone stock and had been serviced regularly up until two years ago. (I
have on order (4) new NGK plugs, K&N air filter, K&N oil filter and oil and plan on doing the changing of these parts and changing the oil and filter myself as soon as they come in. Today I added the appropriate amount of sea foam fuel injection system cleaner and filled the tank up with non ethenol SNL gas (what I generally fill up with). Now that I have explained what I am doing for maintenance, (again new to forums-sorry for the book)...I would like to get your opinions (and possible links for the parts you may have installed or had installed) specifically from Mean Streak 1600 owners on ways to increase performance, gain gas mileage (if possible) that you have done and have actually noticed a positive difference. Are there inexpensive ways that have helped that you have done or have had someone else do. Would removing the”can” (where the upper and lower pipes exhaust goes into) and welding a plate patch on the pipes help or make things worse, I’m not looking to put her on a track but I am looking to allow her to run with less factory restrictions. Thanks for any and all ideas.
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