That's right, THAT Fort Myers Beach, the one that just got flooded. I had kept 2 bikes down there, a 2003 ZR-7s and a 2005 FJR, and thanks to Ian they spent a couple hours underwater. I don't have the time to clean them up and get them running again and I hate the idea of just junking them so I'm posting this to see if anybody is interested in tackling this project.

So this giveaway is for the ZR-7s. A little background, I bought the bike 6 years ago from a member on here. It was higher mileage (67k) but was listed as 'the best maintained bike ever' and I would agree with that. I did an initial compression test and the cylinders were all within 3 psi of new. Clutch was slipping a bit so I decided to replace it but when I measured the plates they showed almost no wear (at 67k!) so I replaced the springs and problem fixed! Over the last 6 years I put another 9k on the bike and it never missed a beat!

The bike was well set up for gentlemanly sport touring including Givi luggage, windscreen, suspension, grips, crashbars, etc. The bags are not included as I have another bike to put them on but the racks are. Motor is bone stock except PAIR system has been removed.

Salt water is hard on metal so the bike is no longer pristine. Some rust, water in gauges etc. so it may need to be disassembled to some degree, and cleaned. Will need a new chain, battery, etc. May then start right up and run for another 76k or may never run again, who knows. Still, lots of good parts that other ZR-7s guys might need if you want to part it out. Title in hand. I'll see if I can get some pics up.

The bike is in Ft. Myers Beach but I am in PA. I am going down there to inspect the reconstruction of the house in about a week and can meet you or maybe make other arrangements. You'll need a trailer or pickup to get it home.