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Forgive the newb - if there is a "search forums" , I haven' t discovered it yet. - - - I want to buy a Concours 14 this week , but doing due dilligence - I need to know if the KIPASS can be over ridden , bypassed or deleted ?. If it can not be superceded , I will still get one, but only after knowing how to prevent this ridiculous timebomb of failure. So far YOUTUBE has shown everything from disconnecting the grey plug , to disassembling the front of the bike and opening the ignition switch and on and on - to hammering the ignition swich....literally.
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Hi @lostjohnny and welcome to the forum.

It likely can be, but not without a lot of effort. It was designed to make the bike not less "unstealable" but more undesirable without the key. Yes, they were often stolen to part out vs rekeyed and ridden, but there's no easy fix. You likely won't find a lot of "how to's" either. The combination of having it for a deterrent, and little info on how to bypass it is the proverbial one-two punch to potential thieves. It also will result in issues and costs when and if they legitimately fail on an owner or they lose a key etc.
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