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Kawasaki Quick Release (KQR) Bags for 2014+ Ninja 1000 - Black / Gray

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I have been lurking here for a while, and I've found a lot of interesting information, but I've never posted anything. I bought a 2015 Ninja 1000 back on August, and promptly dropped it on its left side several weeks later. I had to buy a new set of saddle bags because apparently (according to my dealer) Kawasaki won't sell them individually. The right one is in perfect condition both functionally and cosmetically. The left one is fully functional, but it has deep scratches / scuffs on the exterior.

Anyway, just wanted to give you guys a heads-up that they are listed on EBay with a starting price of $250 and buy now of $600. My thought on the starting bid is that it's a pretty good price for just the right side bag if that's what you're after, and you're just getting the left one for free.

Here's the ebay link, which includes photos and description:
Kawasaki Quick Release Saddle Bags for 2014 Ninja 1000 Black Gray | eBay

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Just a reminder - this is ending tomorrow.

Also, an update - I learned how to remove the key cylinders so the bags will be shipped without them.
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