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HI all, While trying to get to the bottom of one issue (fuel flow problem when petcock is set to ON vs Prime). I have encountered another problem that is getting in the way and I can't figure it out. I think it is a starter problem but I don't know how to confirm it or where to go. If there is a thread on here about the issue, please point me to it.

Short version: Bike won't start.

Steps taken:

Has fuel in tank
petcock works - fuel flows from petcock when set to Prime and (slowly) when set to On.
Carbs fill (carbs were synched last year and ran beautifully before the winter)

Fresh spark plugs, properly gapped and installed (checked for clean, blue/white spark)
has continuity (each stage of these checked and good) from ign. to power switch, kill switch, clutch relay switch, starter relay (new unit),
kickstand switch has been checked and is good.

The bike has a brand new fully charged battery that shows 12.8V when the ignition is switched on, before the button is hit. When the start button is hit, the draw drops to about 11.5)

The starter turns over well, repeatedly, but there is no ignition. In other words, I can hear the click of the solenoid, I can hear the start spinning and it sounds like the engine is turning over, but there is no BANG.

What is the next step?

What other info do you need from me?

Thanks in advance,
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