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Just bought cycle shell

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So i just bought the Cycle Shell (www.cycleshell.com) for my 2011 Ninja 1000. I had mentioned that the wife had hit me with a Divorce - and of course gets the house while my kids are growing up. So i have no garage where i'm currently staying. But i do have a yard. So i just plunked down $405 ($325 + 80 shipping) for the cycleshell. It is shipping out today fedex. Should arrive in a week. A friend of mine here has it and swears by it. He's had it for 3 years. He said his needs a new cover (new cover costs around $120) - but that's pretty good for 3 years. I live in the Northeast (New York, Long Island). I called the company and they say the snow and wind will NOT be a problem. The guy said to just clean off any snow that piles up on it after a snow storm is over so the snow doesn't melt - then freeze and get super heavy.

I'll give you guys a full report when it arrives, including some pics of it with my bike inside it. Figured there may be some of you looking to buy it or something similar.
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whoah! that thing looks cool. Overkill to put one IN your garage to keep dust and bugs off your ride??? Would be cool if they made a lightweight version for indoors.
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