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Just an interesting observation comming from a supermoto

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Often times when I'm riding my Z spiritly on some of my favorite backroads, I ask myself why it feels like I am going slower specifically around corners than how I used to ride on my previous bike which was a DRZ400 supermoto. I bought the bike back in March and have grown comfortable and confident on it since I've ownership.

A couple weeks ago when I was riding on one of my roads, I quickly glanced down at the speedo while going through the corners and realized that I actually am going the same speed as I always had on the SM through the twisties! I thought, huh, that's interesting, so I decided to glance down again going through another series of twists and turns and yup, same average speed range as on the sm. I guess what I have neglected to realize until now is that riding on the SM felt much faster than you're actually going. For example you could say 40mph on that bike felt like 50mph, whereas on the Z1K 40mph feels like 25 or 30mph or so. Hence why it often feels like I am traveling slower through the corners on this bike than I am actually going.

Now I know that it's like apples to oranges when comparing a light flickable supermoto to a 400+ streetfighter when transitioning from side to side, but for the most part when going through the corners and being down low on the bike, I found that I am traveling at pretty much the same speed as I did on the sm through the same roads, yet it simply just feels slower. But on the other hand though when it feels like I am going fast on the Z1, that is when I really am going fast!
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Of course it will feel faster, a bicycle will feel pretty damn fast at 60 mph too because it is designed to move slower! The DRZ is designed to go offroad as well so it is designed for a slower speed overall. I ride with a DRZ and we switch up sometimes. I enjoy riding over bumps effortlessly but in the end he enjoys my Z a lot more and I'm happy to trade back

Some cars are so refined and quiet and smooth now it just feels slow even though it can beat most "sport" feeling cars. The raw vibration, noise etc can add to the feeling even though it doesn't add performance. I like some of that raw performance feeling personally. I do think it's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. The Z is designed to go faster than I can usually rev it, but the DRZ is just not fast enough on the highway for me. For my next bike I'm looking for something with a 2cyl like Aprilia I don't have to rev as high or BMW GS for off road. As far as riding a small bike fast I wish they still made 400cc super sports

I also think stability is important for the road and the DRZ is just too small for me there. I actually liked the heavy steel frame on my FZR. A DRZ is more stable than other bikes its size but it will get blown around in the wind compared to the Z. It can get around town faster than a Z though of course, and it'll feel fast doing it
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Same with cars. Sometimes it is more fun to flog a slower vehicle! When I drive my TDI "fast" it usually tops out at 80, but it can be fun. My Cobra on the other hand will reach 80 on the on ramp at 1/2 throttle, but feels slower at that speed.
i think you'll find it has a lot to do with the seating position..

on a dzr you sit very forward over the tank + higher
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