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Is anything wrong with my bike???

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Hi guys, just wanted to ask to see if anyone has answers for this.

I bought my 03 Z1000 new back in 05. Did the usual break-in and the bike has been trouble free. However, it feels rather slow. I don't feel like it puts out that much power. It's like that from the beginning. For a liter bike, it's not that fast. It's not even close to popping wheelie or neck snapping acceleration. I heard some of the earlier models have been toned down from factory but I don't know if that's true. Some reviews say that Z1000 is really fast and has lots of torque but I don't find that in my bike. It's not slow like if there's any mechanical problems but it just doesn't feel all that fast like other people rave about. Anyone else notice the same??? Does anyone know the cause of it???
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do you have any aftermarket parts on the bike? PCIII would help a bit, my 05 has quite a bit of power, of course that is just an opinion. if your coming off a busa or something the z may not be that fast. if the ol' girl does not have enough torque you could change sprocket size as a quick fix.
maybe your just riding it wrong :wedgie:
good luck
It doesn't have the top end like the supersports have, so you won't be out running any modern 600's. The Z makes its power lower in the rev range so you can be lazy in your shifting because it pulls well from about 3K on up. You'll have to get the revs up a bit, but she will wheelie... unless of course you have some issues that are hindering her performance.
Yea what mods do you have? With the airbox mod, PCIII, full exhaust, and -1F/+2R sprcket change my Z feels very fast and is very wheelie prone. It's more user friendly power, and you have to get up in the rev range to really start feeling it. Man all this talking is making me want to go ride but its raining
Maybe that after 5 years of riding your bike you are just use to it and don't feel the same rush as before. How long has it felt slow? since you bought it? If so you may have purchased the wrong bike. If not a prescription for slip-ons and a PC3 is in order. I just did this myself and it has started the love afair all over again even better than before. Now I feel like I'm cheeting on the "old" Z you know what I'm talking about.
Best of luck to you!
From the start actually. Only mod is K&N air filter. I guess I should not have expected much from this one. I have ZRX1200 as well and this things pulls like crazy...but then again extra 200cc and the torque difference, I know.
OK, well I have to say it just so happens that my own brother has a ZRX 1200, now we run the tar out of these bikes against each other when we got them. Comparitivley speaking both bikes bone stock. In standing 1/4's almost dead even he would get me on the low side but I would catch him. Rolling from 50 mph again very even but the Z1K will pull him all the way up until ZRX stops pulling around 155 indicated (on my) Z1K will peg the speedo (for what it's worth) at 168 and pulls hard all the way there. We have not had a chance to compare yet but since then I have added; Air box mod, K&N, DanMoto Slip-ons (22lbs less), and PC3. I predict a sound thrashing will happen to his ZRX next time we square off. That being said I think you may infact have a mechanical problem, I have riden his and he mine alot and we have never felt like one or the other is unimpressive. My good buddy has a CBR and he's never said the
Z1K is just ok he has commented several times about the wide thick powerband. I hope this helps you some how.
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My '06 pulls like a train all the way up from about 3000rpm.

Lazer Extreme pipes with stock ecm and air filter. Never leaves me wanting for power, she's plenty fast and nimble.
I just noticed you said your only mod is the air filter.

Where is the extra air going to go, if you don't let more exhaust out? Get some pipes.
I was talking about the bike in stock form. So if something is wrong with my bike, what could it be?
Something isn't right...

I've never heard anybody complain about having 125-130hp, depending which dyno chart you believe.

Have you checked your spark plugs, fuel filter, maybe the fuel pump... something ain't right...
I will check on those. Do you think valves can contribute to the problems? After I did valve adjustment on ZRX it ran much much better.
I will check on those. Do you think valves can contribute to the problems? After I did valve adjustment on ZRX it ran much much better.
Doubt it. The valves would be making noise if they were out of spec.

Fuel, air, spark. These things will affect your power delivery.
Put it on the dyno and see.
The Z def. needs a regearing for sportier performance, the stock gearing seemed more highway cruising oriented. -1/+1 sprockets and it will feel like a whole new bike, and doesn't cost any extra when it's replacement time anyway.
Check if your throttle body secondaries are working properly. If the are not, then the intake air flow will be restricted at higher throttle positions.
Someone above posted this but I just wanted to echo it, throw it on a Dyno and see if it is lacking compared to another Z. If you can find someone local with a similar bike and do back to back runs at the same time that will be the ideal test.
If you know some one else with a Z you could just swap bikes for an hour and see how they compare.
If you know some one else with a Z you could just swap bikes for an hour and see how they compare.
Yeah, that would be the MOST accurate way to see if there's any change.
Anyone own stock Z in San Diego area?
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